Clean Cool Mission

As you know, clean energy is one of the most essential things that we need to think about in today's world. We specialise in the cleansing of water, waste water, we also specialise in wind and solar technology. Agriculture and forestry is a huge part of our plan.

what we do?

Water & Waste Water

We make sure that it is a competition to provide clean and green energy. We make sure to provide clean water. Our purification team is definitely top-notch.

Biotechnology, wind and solar

We have some of the best technologies when it comes to biotechnology, solar cells and windmills. We harness natural energy and make use of it. We also sell it to the grid.

Agriculture and forestry

We do give a lot of attention towards agriculture and forestry. Deforestation is definitely a problem and we make a lot of effort towards planting trees.

Clean tech Companies

The Clean and Cool Mission is a competition-led trade mission to San Francisco.

We are leading a mission and it is completely competition lead. It will take place in San Francisco. We are a part of clean tech companies in the world. We are trying to make the future a better place.

Why it is important?

What is the importance of this mission?

This mission is of utmost importance because we are doing our best to make sure that the future is self-sustaining. If we work now, the future will be secure. Renewable energy and green products are essential. We should always think about our carbon footprint and try to reduce it.

More Information

Who runs this mission?

This mission is run by some of the most experienced individuals in the field.

Our founders

Meet our founders

"It was one of my biggest dreams to start this company"
"I had an absolute blast starting this company with some really brilliant individuals"
"We do some amazing work here. What we do affects millions of individuals"
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How Viagra works in Maintaining an Erection?

erectile dysfunction

Erectile in simple terms will be the inability of the penis to have an erection. The problem is self-diagnosed. However, there’s nothing to be worried about, and most of the cases are treatable without aggressive medical attention. Only in a few cases, you will be required to go through the various sessions. It’s equally important to mention that there can be a variety of reasons for the dysfunction, and the treatment will matter as well. It will vary from person to person. So, in that case, it will be best to consult a doctor who can identify the underlying causes, and prescribe medication and consultations.

How does an erection happen?

Simply put, an erection occurs due to the blood that is rushed towards the penis. In a normal body, the muscles are allowed to relax, and the blood can flow easily. However, in ED, the veins are contracted that obstructs the supply of blood to the sexual organ. This results in an unsustainable erection, or some cases, difficulty to develop an erection.


As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of causes for Erectile Dysfunction. This includes stress, anxiety, any medical history, hypertension, insomnia, smoking, and most commonly, aging. To evaluate the condition, and the gravity, you will have to give access to all your medical history to your doctor. He will be able to identify the underlying cause of it and prescribe based on that.


Erectile dysfunction treatment

This entirely depends on the person. However, in most cases, medication and therapy sessions will do the treatment. Only in some rare cases, you will be required to go through an aggressive medical procedure.


There are a lot of medications that are offered to you. In this case, your doctor will be able to suggest the best based on your medical history. In addition to that, a thorough evaluation will help you identify the causes. In some cases, further consultation, and therapy sessions will be needed. This can also include herbal medicines as well. However, they may not be as effective as modern medicines, but in some cases, they will help.


Viagra is a well-known medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction. However, it will be best to consult with your doctor and follow a minimum dosage as a beginner. The doses can be increased if the initial dosage didn’t work.


In matters of anxiety or stress, your doctor may suggest you have therapy sessions. This will provide you further insight into your perceptions, and the underlying causes. It’s equally important to mention that you will consult a doctor when you can’t maintain an erection enough to have sexual intercourse.


Erectile Dysfunction is very common, and in most cases, you will have to go through regular medication. However, it will also be a wise step to consult the doctor and have an evaluation. This allows the doctor to understand your medical history, and he can then prescribe further treatment based on that.

What Exactly Is Cleantech


In the world of finance, the term cleantech, which is actually short for clean technology, is used to refer to all kinds of companies and technologies that are in the business of improving environmental sustainability. As we know, the environment is on the verge of collapse. Climate change is something that has impacted our planet in a substantial manner. The environment is suffering because of the greed of human beings. Every single, educated man and woman must strive to leave less of a carbon footprint and use green products that are biodegradable. You should also try to reduce the use of fossil fuels that release harmful gases into the atmosphere. The air quality in a lot of countries are actually worsening day by day.

The usage of cleantech, has actually varied over the years, with a lot of users treating it in a synonymous manner with terms as ‘green technology’, to refer all kinds of renewable resources and some new methods of recycling and some environmentally friendly practices as well.

In most of the cases, the term actually refers to methods of reducing any kind of negative environmental impact because of conventional technologies like coal power and natural gas as well. You can even include any machine or practice that releases harmful gases into the atmosphere. In this context, clean energy is commonly used by environmentalists and people who actually care about the environment.

As you know, electric cars are becoming the norm nowadays; in the year 2021, a lot of electric cars will be introduced. Most of the electric cars are giving amazing mileage as well. If we are talking about the products of Tesla motors, their cars give us a mileage of 650 to 700 miles on a single charge.

Cleantech is basically a blanket term which is used to refer a huge variety of environmentally friendly technologies and practices. We can include solar cells as well. Anybody who is making use of solar energy is definitely helping the environment. Investments in cleantech have definitely increased substantially because the term was initially popularised in the late 1990s. Today, clean tech jobs are some of the fastest-growing in the United States of America. A lot of people are joining these companies because of the fact that they are going to be a huge part in the future. Fossil fuels are definitely going to run out, and we need something else to fall back on. Clean, renewable energy is something that we can depend on any day.

All kinds of investors who are interested in environmentally friendly companies and any environmental-friendly technologies have a vast range of options to invest in, because of the sheer number of cleantech companies.